Employment Academy

The Employment Academy program is part of the continuum of educational opportunities at The Faison Center. Designed for students of transition age (14 – 22), the Employment Academy consists of full day, community-based instructional services.  The services pinpoint the areas of vocational, social, communication, and other critical daily living skills in the context of an internship opportunity with one of our community partners. The Employment Academy is accredited by the CABAS® Board and the Virginia Association of Independent Specialized Education Facilities (VAISEF), and licensed by the Virginia Department of Education.


The Employment Academy leverages the teaching power of applied behavior analysis (ABA) in the community setting with the most natural environment possible. Each internship opportunity allows students to learn a variety of skills, some being specific to the vocational setting, while others are applicable to a number of community and social situations. Each three-month experience is crafted to first assess and then teach vital vocational and other life skills to students.

Schedule and Location

The Employment Academy operates year-round, Monday through Friday from 8:15am until 2:15pm. The morning and afternoon transportation location is at 1506 Willow Lawn Drive.


Students are admitted to the Employment Academy through an internal process after being accepted into another Faison School program. Any current student of appropriate age may apply internally to the Employment Academy with the support of their current Teacher and Program Supervisor and IEP/IIP Team. If accepted, they will join the Employment Academy for the duration of their internship, returning to their original program upon completion.